Sunday, February 20, 2011

Paintings in private collections.

These are paintings that are no longer available but they will give you an idea of some of the over 150 pieces of artwork I have done over the past 15 years.

All of these images are copyrighted by Jacqueline A Fleming.

Mesa's across the snakeweed.

Wagon ho!

Rain dancin' again.


Land for sale.

Little Maine house.

Golden house.

Autumn road.
Winter Shade


Sunflower House

Sheltering Tree

Groovy Street

Pinon Valley


New Mexico Groovy Street.

Even the Cholla Blooms

Red door by the sea

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Equine Art

These paintings are all being sold to benefit the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, wild horse sanctuary. The sanctuary is close my heart and I founded it in 2000. The horses featured in these paintings are all horses that have been in my life but have passed on. The series is called 'Elysium' which means 'the abode of the blessed' in Latin. 

Elysium: 'Loafing.'

Elysium: 'A heaven on earth.'

Elysium: 'Shadowlands.'


Elysium: 'Storm Chasers.'

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painting for Sale

I am afraid this page is completely out of date. I have moved house since I made this blog and much of my art is in storage. I will work on updating this page as soon as I have room to maneuver! For now, please treat this page as more examples of my artwork. Thanks.

'Fall Hideaway'      16 X 20           $450.00

'Mesa Storm'     18 X 14         SOLD

'Tablelands'     16 X 20               SOLD

'Costa Rica Sojourn'     30 X 24          $700.00

'Fall Shadows'    16 X 20                SOLD

'To the north of us.'   18 X 14    $650.00

'It's raining over there'    16 X 20           SOLD

'A faraway place'     24 X 48             $850.00

'Shadows'      12 X 12                $350.00

'Dry Spot.'        18 X 24                     $850.00

'Long Shadow Road.'       30 X 40                      $450.00

'The Road Less Travelled.'     36 X 48      $650.00

'A room with a View' triptych.      20 X 24 (each)           $750.00

'Half empty of half full?'      30 X 40                $650.00

'Fall Laundry'                22 X 28                  $500.00

'Luby's Canyon'                    36 X 60                             $1,500.00

'Misty Morning laundry'            24 X 30             $650.00

Wacky Jack Kid's Art

These are samples of the artwork I have done in the past.

All of these images are copyright, Jacqueline A Fleming, Wacky Jack Kids.

'Donkey Gothic'

'Enid's Funny Farm.'

'This little piggy takes mud baths, this little piggy likes to play,
this little piggy makes daisy chains, this little piggy sleeps all day
and this little piggy ate SO MUCH food... he cried "oink oink" and
rolled away!'

'Just sing, sing a song!'


'Hmmm, I wonder if they are in here?'

'Fairy Hamster mother.'

'Fairy tails.'

'Sheriff Happy Jack'

"What's this?' thought Fred.

'Cottontails in my garden.'

'Surrounded by angry bees.'

'Counting Chickens'

'Jeremiah was a frog prince.'

'Cat on a hot bin roof.'

'And the sheep jumped over the moon!'

'Castles in the sky.'

'Chick in boots.'

'Let sleeping cats lie.'

'Fred and the bird...Oops!'

'Mini-Rose, live, on tour!'

'Wagsman's wild and wacky rodeo!'


'Sheep leap!'