Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Greetings cards.

Blank greetings cards. 4.25 inches by 6 inches. Choose from ten images. $2.50 per card, $2.00 per card (plus shipping) when you order five or more cards. See details below. Pay by paypal, by clicking on the 'paypal' icon.
Image One.
Image Two.
Image Three.
Image Four.
Image Five.
Image Six.
Image Seven.
Image Eight.
Image Nine.
Image Ten.
To order cards, please contact Jackie at and specify how many cards and which images you would like. Also, I will need a shipping address. Shipping: US post office, first class mail. Five cards = $4.50. Ten cards = $5.00. Fifteen cards = $6.00. Pay through Paypal, using friends and family. To pay by paypal, please click on the paypal icon on the right of this screen.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Paintings Available.

"Spots and dots." 14" X 14"
"Puddles!" 16" X 20" (SOLD)
"Boundless." 14" X 14"
"The Chosen (AKA rain envy)" 14" X 14" (SOLD)
"View from my window." (SOLD) 18" X 24"
"Walkin' on by rain." (SOLD) 18" X 36"
"Elysium: Storm Chasers." 36" X 48" (SOLD)
"Elysium: Mountain Sanctuary." 36" X 48"
"Mustang Mesa." 14" X 18"
"Fall Hideaway." 16" X 20" (SOLD)
"Morning Mist." 14" X 14" (SOLD)
"Maybe this time." 12" X 24" (SOLD)
"Crossing the Pecos at Glorieta Mesa." 24" X 36"
"The Tooth of Time." 14" X 18"
"Tecalote Mesa and Hermits Peak." 20" X 20"
"Rabbit Ear Mountain." 15" X 30"
"Wagon Mound." 16" X 20"